Front Desk Management

Mobile check-in, guest loyalty services, and total customer folio integration are all useful features that contribute to a full front desk management solution that is incredibly simple to use. All guest interaction from all elements is combined into a single report, giving the PMS a complete picture of the customer relationship.

Nothing is more infuriating for a guest than having to wait a long time to be checked in or out. With Clovatel PMS, it increases efficiency and provide an excellent guest experience. Check-in and checkout procedures are vital for both the guest experience and hotel quality. With this Clovatel PMS software, all system can be quick and simple in order to have a smooth guest experience.

This software makes it convenient for guests which includes management of key card encoding and issuing receipts to guests.

Simple and Easy navigations

Advantageous to have a good and versatile property management system so to ensure easy navigation for browsing the website to accessing the platform aiming to make it as simple as possible fuss free, easy to use interface and to eliminate the hassle.

Mobility and Flexibility

With Clovatel PMS, users can access from anywhere to enable versatility and a better work-life balance.

Guest focus

Using a PMS help save time on day-to-day activities leaving more time and opportunities to interact with hotel guests.

Integrated system – back office

Clovatel PMS enables back-office functionality monitoring timely documentation. Numerous functions formerly performed by separate systems can now be completed from one single central location. Employees can view, edit, and monitor all pertinent details in all offices and property locations
Night audits can be scheduled rapidly and conveniently using a paperless system. These functions, as well as many other night auditor features, are easily enabled with PMS by simply clicking a button.

Efficient housekeeping

The Clovatel system send real-time notifications to front desk staff and Housekeeping mobile app about incoming guests or tourists. When guests check out, it sends a notification to the front desk staff and Housekeeping mobile app. It aids in the more effective recognition and handling of room maintenance requirements.

Room management becomes more adaptable, which leads to a more efficient check-ins and a positive guest experience. The ability to monitor room status from the housekeeping area allows the front desk to see real-time reports on room status.