Clovatel Hotel Suite Of Solution

Integrated Cloud base Hotel Management Solutions,that serves the need for hotels


Clovatel Hotel Suite Of Solution

Integrated Cloud base Hotel Management Solutions,that serves the need for hotels

Integrated Cloud base Hotel Management Solutions,
that serves the need for hotels

Integrated Cloud base Hotel Management Solutions,
that serves the need for hotels



Ease your front desk with Self Service checkin with Facical Recognition


Clovatel PMS and OTA

Get your rates to various booking platform and receive updates instanteously to your PMS

Get your rates to various booking platform and
receive updates instanteously to your PMS

Get your rates to various booking platform and
receive updates instanteously to your PMS

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Self Service Kiosk offer modular integrated solutions for staff and guest experience

Looking for the best technology to reach the pinnacle of growth to collaborate and streamlined daily operations, consider Clovatel, a cloud-based software solution integrated with an efficient, economical, seamless innovated system to satisfy all your needs in the hospitality industry.

With the evolution of cloud technology, hoteliers can embrace technologies that can be programmed to streamlined practices making operations more efficient, saving time for employees, and delivering excellent guest experiences by scaling to new heights. Clovatel comes with piping hot sale solution coupled and incorporated with tools such as self-service kiosk, booking engine, room app, housekeeping appends retail POS, spa and wellness app, revenue management, channel manager and several more.



Property Management System (PMS) Manage your day to day front desk operation



Guests self check-in to their rooms, eliminating long queue at the front desk



Get real time room bookings from various booking engine into PMS


Automate your operations







Hotel management involves managing all facets of the property’s activities. Hotel management entails assessing results in all aspects of the sector on a regular basis. Efficient hotel management can ensure that the hotel not only remains in operation and productive, but also profits and grows over time. Hotel management involves a number of different skills, from accounting to gastronomy. Not all properties have the privilege of recruiting a large team of employees. However, it is not difficult to operate a profitable small hotel company without a number to degrees in hotel management.

Clovatel Hotel management software is a form of technology that enables hotel operators and owners to streamline administrative activities. The hotel management system is critical not just for the day-to-day activities, but also for the overall guest experience. Finding a Hotel Management System with the functionality needed and want is essential for successfully operating your hotel. Hotel management is a set of concepts grouped together under one umbrella for hoteliers.

Hotel management software is critical not just for daily operations, but also for the overall guest experience. It can improve guests’ engagement with hotel brands from the beginning of their online booking trip to the end of their stay. A good and resourceful hotel management system is the solution that has all the functionality the hotel needs and wants.

It is designed to simplify hotel operations management via its integrated management suite. That suite includes reservation management, room assignment, accounting, analytical features, housekeeping tools and customer relationship management in a centralized controlled operation. It is a software application that keeps things running smoothly. Accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and a bewildering variety of industry-specific software are all available to support this operations. Hotel management program signifies a dynamic structure that is often split into sections depending on the tasks they execute as follows.


Guests usually begin their interactions with hotels by making a reservation rather than checking in. This department helps hotel personnel to enter and store customer reservation information.

Booking Engine

Booking is one of the most significant HMS features. System displays open rooms and future check-in dates when visitors book a room on a hotel’s website. Customers may make purchases in a number of ways until the specifics are chosen such as credit card, debit card, PayPal and digitally via e-wallet such as apple pay, Samsung pay and google pay.

Channel Managements

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are incredibly common in the hospitality industry. To display up-to-date information across all delivery networks, OTAs are combined with channel management which is integrated in the HMS systems. Guests are allowed the option to not only book through the hotel’s website but also through online travel agencies.

Systematic approach

Hotel operators can keep track of profits and expenses. As a result, they should be able to generate a report at the end of a given time.

Governing of revenue

By using the function on the hotel management system, it’s easy to keep track of financial conditions and determine when it’s appropriate time to act to increase profits.

Generating Reports

Hotel Management System is easy and simple to use. It generates reports rapidly and conveniently by simply gathering data such as staff efficiency, guest statistics and more on any indicators.

Element in Staff Management

With this well-designed Hotel Management System, it will be critical and enable keeping eyes on both external and internal customers.

Guests’ interactions

Guests’ loyalty can be increased by reading visitors’ ratings and tailoring services to their preferences.

Information processing and customers

Hotel Management System is a perfect place to keep track of all the information about the visitors. It can include contact information, preferred payment types, reserved accommodation, and expense list.

Notifications alerts and Survey

Customers will usually be notified prior to their arrival, during their visit, and immediately after check-out. As a result, gathering reviews and offering additional resources and entertainment. Finally, receiving an email confirmation of a reservation indicates that all is running smoothly.

Creating Hotel Management Software to meet requirements

The traveling public is becoming younger, and they expect more immediate and personalized services. Major trends determine the direction of the entire travel industry for the next few years. Hoteliers must reconsider outdated hotel management approaches and approach resourceful hotel management software to meet requirements.

The self-service kiosk is an innovation sensation. Guest can bypass the front desk and walk up to the kiosks directly. PMS integrated with the Contactless digital revolution, the self service kiosk, a completely unmanned automated kiosk at the hotel entrance is the perfect way to facilitate smooth check-in with less human interaction and more security and safety measures with a peace of mind with robust features making life easy for hoteliers and guests.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an audio greeting. Following registration and scanning their ID and booking information on an encrypted portal, facial authentication is performed. Payments are then made in cash or digitally and once everything is in place, digital room key is issued, receipts printed with guest records and a comment or review option is given, making the whole process simple and easy. This technology assists hotels in reducing labour cost as well as long queues and waiting time.

Other quality features integrated with the Clovatel PMS is:

Trending ways:

  • Mobile apps – reduce reception duties.
  • Personalization – improve guest experience.
  • Direct booking – boost loyalty.
    • Mobile Applications

      Today Travellers are more technically savvy than previous older travellers as they use gadgets on their trips. Half of all journeys begin with a mobile device. Some people prefer to check in using their mobiles, avoiding the front-desk lines in hotel lobbies. Hoteliers need to consider how to use digital elements and technology to meet their needs. Mobile technologies used to automate routine services in your daily interactions.

      Guests can use the mobile app to make web bookings, select rooms, and pay.

      When they arrive, they simply retrieve their booking id, supply their identification, check their charge, and continue to their rooms with minimal contact with hotel staff.

      Service Personalization

      Marketing and sales experts have noticed an increase in positive attitudes toward guests. The main goal is to get closer to clients in order to increase brand loyalty. Providing minor attention to details, such as serving a good cup of coffee, welcome drink can increase guest satisfaction.

      Existence of hotel over OTA

      Tremendous benefits for hotels that use OTAs as it will increase traffic and bookings. Hotels are eager to offer their guests “perks” such as discounts, special services, early check-in and late check-out. Some Large hotel chains tend to reduce their percentage of distribution via OTAs to save money on commissions, and to increase customer loyalty.

      The target of Hotel Management systems is to perform and control a variety of functions for both hotel owners that operate big chains and individual hoteliers.

      They are programmed and designed to achieve a specific goal which can:

      Handling bookings

      Hotel management systems can assist in simplifying bookings in an optimal, and reliable manner. Employees do not need to be tasked with manually entering bookings.

      Explicit Reservations

      Integrating software with an online booking engine enable today’s travellers to more likely book online rather than calling or working with a travel agent. Direct bookings allow maximizing the amount of money made per booking.

      Channel administration

      Hotel management technology make it simple to put a distribution plan into action and importantly establish alliances with numerous types of business agents, such as online travel agencies.

      Hotel website

      Hotel management system enables apps to enhance an online presence and making it effective for to guests to reach out. By choosing a good webeditor, it will enable creating a clean, appealing, and user-friendly website.

User Management

Main performance indicators for hotels to enable them to monitor from a single dashboard which can be available on front. Handle several hotel assets using management/super admin/administrator logins.

Reservation Management
  • Reservation dashboard gives users an up-to-date reservation dashboard.
  • Returning visitors’ past information can be filled in and promo codes and special promotions added.
  • Fees can be charged to accommodate visitors’ early check-ins and late checkouts.
  • Credit card companies able to impose limit credit growth for corporate guests and travel agencies.
  • Personalized arrival/departure e-mail modes
  • Extensive rate schedules and solutions for customizing bookings and stays.
  • Control room status from the housekeeping area.
  • Front-desk personnel able to view status of room updates in real time.
Revenue Management
  • Competitive Rate recommendation.
  • Estimate of occupancy for the next 30days.
  • Compilation of data based on local market demand.
  • Receive up-to-date rate intelligence on the rivals.
Online Distribution
  • “Integrated Channel Manager (STAAH)”Distribute the rooms across all OTAs via”.
  • Inclusion of a booking engine on hotel’s website.
  • Shared inventory of unified rate capability.
Rate Management
  • Establishing competitive rates.
  • Support for multiple prices and types in a single stay.
  • Allow creation of daily and hourly rates.
  • Competitive pricing based on occupancy.
  • Ease of handling credits for Travel agent and corporate clients.
  • Managing advance deposits and payments against settlements under different account headings.
  • Manage and collecting feedback, analysing guest sentiments, improve online profile and boost online ranking.