Hotels are changing the way guests check-in to their rooms, eliminating the traditional stop at the front desk to speed up, simplify and, in some cases, personalize the process. A self-check-in kiosk, when connected with the hotel’s PMS, can take customer service to a whole new level.

Recognised by STB and E2I

clovatel check-in kiosk

Easy check in process

Reserved Check-In

Encode, dispense and collect room key cards

clovatel-facial recognition kiosk

To validate your guest profile

clovatel- national-id kiosk

Read and update direct to PMS valid ID for every guest profile checkin

clovatel-self payment kiosk

Pay room charges

Cash Payments and Credit Card Payments

Online Payment Gateway Integration

visa-validate kiosk

Verify VISA ( for Singapore only) with ICA

clovatel-upsell room kiosk

Upgrade room,walk in booking

clovatel-feedback kiosk

Send eguest folio, ereceipt to your guest

Receive feebacks

attachment details kiosk

Dashboard for uptime of Kiosks

Receive alerts on kiosk physical status

clovatel-self service kiosk
clovatel-self service kiosk
checkin hotel self service kiosk
clovatel payment kiosk