Hotel Rate Management System



With real-time marketing data, pricing strategy plays a very vital role in the hotel industry. Hotels can optimize room rates and establish competitive rates based on published rates for walk in customer. Promotional / Seasonal rates base on the occupancy of the hotel and if it’s off peak or high peak season. Corporate guests who stay on a daily basis or for a long period of time will receive special rates. Room types also play an important role. A standard room would undoubtedly be less expensive than a club room or a suite, as will the hotel's venue. Allows for the development of regular and monthly rates by supporting multiple prices and styles in a single stay.

Additionally, with yield management, calculations and triggers are made in real time and implemented in the booking engine and all OTAs. Simple and easy setup. Each reservation that is affected by a Yield Management action is identified and enables front desk to comprehend the reasons for rate variations. Reasonably priced and competitive optimizing the room rates. Ease of handling commission and credits for Travel agents and corporate clients. Managing advance deposits and payments against settlements under different account headings.