Hotel Profile Management System


Profile Management

Profiles are used to store a variety of information about the people business is done with, including guests, firms, agents, business sources, connections. A profile includes detailed demographic data as well as reservation and stay histories and other statistical data. It is much easier to make reservations for clients, process commissions for agents, prepare billing statements, generate mailings, handle membership schemes, gather reliable data, and perform several other activities when profiles are in hand. Relationships can be defined between profiles to classify their affiliations for marketing and business planning. The Profile screen can be accessed from a variety of locations. Profile can be selected from the Profile Search screen or from the Reservation screen by selecting the Profile button depending on the type of profile being searched.

Individual Guest Profile, a type of profile used by specific individuals such as guests and employees where profiles are available for contact on the contact tabs on the profile screen where their business relations are specified.


Company Profile - A contact of an individual or individuals who represents a company or organization. A touch could be linked to a company or a travel agent.

Source Profile - Source profiles are used to keep track of the companies in which hotels do business. Companies that sponsor guests, businesses for which the hotel manages activities, or businesses that directly offer goods or services to the hotel or chain fall under this group.