PMS (Hotel Property Management Solutions)

Clovatel PMS is essential for hotel success as having a solution that simplifies front desk work and resulting in more streamlined guest experience



  • Rack Rates
  • Promotional / Seasonal Rates
  • Special Rates for Corporate Customers
  • Automatic Tax Calculations
  • Yield Management


  • Individual Guest Profiles
  • Company Profiles
  • Source Profiles
  • Travel Agent Profiles


  • Key Card Encoding
  • Folio Transferring
  • Check-Out
  • Check-In
  • Room Allocation
  • Make Reservations


  • Night Audit
  • Permission Management
  • Audit Trail


  • Receive notification automatically to housekeepers for guest check-out.
  • Manage room cleaning status.


  • Forecast room reservations
  • Manage revenue timely base on booking


  • Front-Desk Reports
  • End of Day Reports
  • Cashier Reports
  • Housekeeping Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Audit Trail


  • Single System to manage multiple OTAs from PMS
  • Real time rate and inventory update
  • Receive bookings direct from OTAs
  • 100+ Channels to choose from

Why Clovatel Hotel PMS ?

A property management system, a software technology used to handle hospitality and commercial residential rental properties. It is an increasingly valuable technique in modern hotels which assist owners and employees. PMS application is a technology that has been tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry to improve operational efficiency. This is software is a solution to assist hotels, resorts and related properties with day-to-day activities and operational needs. Reservations, payment collection, output monitoring and inventory controls are common examples of management and administrative functions

With this technology, PMS applications have been tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry to improve operational efficiency. This software is a solution to assist hotels, resorts and related properties with day-to-day activities and operations. Reservations, payment collection, output monitoring and inventory controls are common examples of management and administrative functions.

Property management systems (PMS) also enable managing many properties under their control. PMS is often used in production to track goods and products. This technology is also used in other industries like manufacturing, local government and many more.

Improved check-in and check-out capabilities

Allowing arriving visitors to check in and out using their mobile app or a self-service kiosk in the reception room, increasing pace with a seamless transfer and decreasing congestion for a more streamlined experience.

Efficient Housekeeping

Clovatel PMS app can notify staff in real time about incoming guests or visitors. It can also notify staff when guests check out. It assists in recognizing and handling room maintenance requirements more efficiently. Room management becomes adaptable, encouraging smooth check-ins and good guest experience.

Integrated system – back office

Clovatel PMS back-office functionality enables monitoring and timely documentation. Numerous functions formerly performed by separate systems can now be completed from one single central location. Employees can view, edit, and monitor all pertinent details in all offices and property locations.

Accomplishment of Revenue Development

Integrated Channel Manager help to expand a hotel’s presence and exposure. Hoteliers can improve revenue by increasing room occupancy, with adjustable room pricing. The system allows monitoring supply of rooms and prevents expensive overbookings.

Enhanced sales management

Clovatel PMS connects with pre-built integrations operations and financial processes. Analytics, reporting, and competitive intelligence help to improve the hotel’s business operations.

Improved consumer data collection

Clovatel PMS complies, consolidate, and safely store all customer data. Understanding consumer purchasing trends allows hotel companies to create more tailored packages and facilities.

Improved Employee morale and participation

User-friendly environments make hotel workers preparation simpler and reduce the risk of mistakes. Employees can focus on generating productivity rather than wasting time on repetitive monotonous logistical activities than can be automated. Clovatel PMS systems stress the technological creativity aspect that younger workers can achieve.

Hoteliers can boost hotel market management by identifying possible problems and setbacks. By incorporating the hotel operating system, it will be able to handle several properties of various kinds and the Cloud systems enable hotels to put new properties online more quickly.

Integration of third-party applications

Device convergence is a central factor in the architecture of new cloud-based hotel operating systems which assist in the streamlining of activities externally supporting the unique needs of the hotel.

IT cost cutting

Clovatel PMS systems allow hotels to reduce their initial capital spending on software and hardware. It will run with any operating system and prevent the need for new hardware or on-premise servers. Upgrades, patches, and bug fixes are all handled automatically which improves flexibility, performance and scalability and can be accessed from various devices with a remote access feature.

Data protection

Clovatel PMS’s data is secured and backed up with cutting-edge technologies. Firewalls and security gateways protect the device and data from being hacked. If a server fails or any device is destroyed, the hotel data will still be available to PMS customers. Users can be ease free and not worry about malware or glitches.

Improved Guest Experience

Reservation modules in Clovatel PMS systems make booking easy for guests and allow for instant guests contact. Mobile bookings and express check-ins and check-outs enhance the consumer service even more. In-depth guest profiles collected in a centralized master database assist hotels in personalizing deals and guest impressions. The ability of the PMS to remember client needs and pre- and post-stay messages provides hotel staff with useful knowledge to ensure optimal guest interactions.

Excellent hotel facilities, individualized, memorable guest encounters strengthen customer retention, loyalty, drive and boost sales. Any drawbacks in hotel property management schemes can be seen as investments. Automation will definitely save forward-thinking firms.

A good property management system is essential for hotel success. Having a solution that simplifies front desk work and resulting in more streamlined guest experience.

Find out how Clovatel Hotel PMS work for you

Hotel PMS a piece of software that assists hotels in organizing, scheduling, and managing their daily operations. It allows hotels, both small and independent, as well as groups, to manage front-office flows such as booking, guest check-in and check-out, assigning rooms to visitors, delegating housekeeping duties, billing and among many other things. A hotel PMS automates and streamlines procedures, saves man-hours, and assists in providing superior service to travellers. It is serves as the nerve centre of hotel operations

Guest first impression

A guest’s first experience is formed when they come through the doors and connect with the front desk as the first point of interaction. A property management system can conveniently view daily arrivals and provide relevant details of guest expectations attached to a booking.

With the Clovatel PMS technology, it works hard to handle the other bookings, room occupancy, and front-desk needs. Ability to view available rooms in real-time and make changes as required.

PMS for Front office reception

Nothing is more infuriating for a guest than having to wait a long time to be checked in or out. With the Clovatel property management system, it can increase efficiency and provide an excellent guest experience. Check-in and checkout procedures are vital for both the guest experience and hotel quality. With this software, all system can be quick and simple in order to have a smooth guest experience.

Ease free and open communication

A good accommodation relies on open lines of contact with all departments on the property and with the guests. Clovatel PMS improves coordination and ensures the functions run effectively and efficiently. Clovatel PMS also provides platform updates and reminders, as well as an automatic email feature.

Stop Duplicate bookings

A Clovatel PMS can connect to a channel manager to ensure that all of the availability is still up to date so as to ensure that there will be no double bookings, which will save time for guest and staff and in return result in a good guest experience.

Simple and Easy navigations

It is advantageous to have a good and versatile property management system so to ensure easy navigation for browsing the website to accessing the platform. The aim is to make it as simple as possible fuss free, easy to use interface to eliminate the hassle.

Mobility and Flexibility

With the Clovatel, cloud-based PMS, users can access from anywhere to enable versatility and a better work-life balance.

Focus on Guest

Using a property management system can save hours on day-to-day tasks. As a result, there will be more time and opportunity to connect with hotel guests.

What Hotel PMS can do for your business ?

The size and type of a hotel property influence the option of a PMS, as each device has its own collection of key features and external modules. Most industry hotel management systems that can be tailored for various types of properties, and standard PMS modules can be supplemented with additional modules needed for a particular class of company

A high-quality property management system (PMS) can be extremely useful in assisting hotel owners and staff by implementing a robust revenue management strategy.

Conduct a Needs Assessment

The first step in selecting a property management system is to do needs assessment. To understand the multiple activities, procedures, tasks, and delivery partners and the desired software features such as the PMS should have all the main features, another criterion it should be cloud based and safety and security of utmost importance. This request can be prioritised depending on their overall significance. This list can then be used to look for a PMS Solution.

Obtaining a clear budget

A PMS can come less than the budget estimate, but it is vital to know how useful it’s going to be when utilized. The budget must consist of licencing cost, installation of the system and recruiting staff members.

PMS with a booking engine

While choosing a PMS, it is critical to choose the one that Incorporates with a booking engine which allows the hotel to promote direct bookings to make revenue management easier. Direct bookings maximize profits by eliminating fee charged to third parties. As a result, hotels can ensure that the booking choice is simple, accurate and user-friendly.

After-sales support

When choosing the PMS, it is crucial to have good after-sales support. Users must be able to get assistance easily from providers should something goes wrong with the device or the system. While evaluating the extend of support, users can also explore the possibilities of the features such as language support, freetutorials, liverepresentative, how and where to reach the Online support and on-site training to train staff with the system.

Read customer reviews.

Doing independent analysis and reading online feedback and social media pages to understand other users’ encounters and experience andif there are too manynegative feedbacks on customer support and tech problem then it’s wise to look elsewhere.