The booking engine interfaces with the hotel channel manager to guarantee that the room inventory is automatically modified across all the online platforms to avoid problems such as overbooking. When booking a room through an online travel agency, be rest assured that it is not still open through the hotel direct portal.

By displaying up-to-date information across all delivery networks, OTAs combined with channel management which is integrated in the HMS systems. Guests allowed the option to not only book through the hotel’s website but also through online travel agencies. STAAH and NextPax Channel Manager make it simple to put a distribution plan into action and importantly establish alliances with numerous types of business agents, such as online travel agencies (OTAs)

A practice of handling internet marketing platforms to market hotel inventory to multiple agents all over the world, such as online travel agents (OTAs), discount travel agents and so on. This phase made easier providing access to live pricing and real time inventory available as reducing the chance of overbooked rooms.

A vital component with features that help companies’ future-proof themselves while still offering a high return on investment. A tool to make life easier while upgrading prices and availability, carrying out a range of events, bookings, and sales, and allowing long-term business planning.



  • Real time invetory update to PMS
  • Daily rates are updated without manual intervention
  • Manage all OTA channel in one central platform


  • Add or remove OTA in single dashboard
  • Distribute room inventory according to your preference to each OTA


  • Easy iCal calendar integration
  • Allow import and export your calendars on multiple platforms
  • supporting iCalendar (iCal) format

What is a hotel Channel Manager ?

In the hotel industry, channel management is the practice of handling internet marketing platforms to market your hotel inventory to multiple agents all over the world, such as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Discount Travel Agents, Meta Search Engines and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). A successful hotel channel manager makes this phase easier by providing access to live pricing and real-time inventory availability, as well as reducing the chance of overbooking the rooms

Like for any product that would be a critical component of your company, the hotel should research to ensure that the channel manager invested has as many of the new, industry-leading features as possible to future-proof the business and provide a strong return on investment.

How Hotel Channel Manager system helps ?

A channel manager is a tool that allows to market all of hotel rooms simultaneously on all your linked booking pages. It will instantly update the availability in real-time on all sites when a booking is made, a room is closed to selling, or when a bulk adjustment is made to the inventory

A channel manager is responsible for much more than just making your life easy while upgrading your prices and availability. It can be used to conduct a variety of activities related to hotel management, and its advantages are twofold in terms of increasing bookings and sales as well as enabling long-term market planning.

Channel manager can contribute to the hotel’s overall centralised control center. Some of the benefits append as follows:

Increase online bookings

With phone and walk-in bookings declining and internet bookings the, a channel manager puts the best spot to capitalize on this modern traveller booking habit. It can connect to more online outlets, where more travellers are booking their accommodations.

Increase hotel revenue

With a channel manager, it shows live prices and availability across all of the networks at the same time and automatically updates, it can approve bookings quicker and almost eradicate the possibility of double bookings. Furthermore, the reports obtained from channel manager can guarantee that the prices are always optimized and that the hotels are using the most profitable networks.

Reduce the risk of overbookings

Without a channel manager, inventory across networks can risk double bookings or falling short of full occupancy. A pooled inventory and real-time automatic alerts of availability and prices are reflected, and visitors can only book a room that is available.

Enhance market awareness

A effective channel manager can have unlimited two-way access to hundreds of booking platforms, allowing travellers to make reservations. OTAs will also improve the hotel listings as they will be ware that the inventory is correct and accurate.

Increase direct bookings

Many visitors can find your hotel on an OTA platform, but they will want to hear more about the hotel before booking. Travellers will often visit the hotel website before deciding to book their stay. The hotel will get a direct booking if the offer was reflected on the OTA platform, will greatly benefit the hotel.

Why hotel channel manager application ?

Eliminate manual processes

Since manual data entry can be time-consuming and irritating and with the channel manager, this can eliminate the pressure and anything that needs postponing can now be put priority in order to boost the business

Creating Seamless integrated system

A channel manager can connect with the property management system, central reservation system, or revenue management system, as well as the booking engine, to provide a centralized control system for the hotel’s operations.

Becoming a popular business forum

A successful channel provides full data integrity across all networks and platforms, which means the hotel can use the collected data to determine the channels or rooms to ensure they are doing the best. Business plans can be kept up to date all times Hotels will be able to look at channel yield and channel overview data, as well as the reservation patterns, to see where things are going.

Reduction on the dependence on conventional booking platforms

There is no need to abandon conventional practices such as taking reservations over the internet or accepting walk-ins. However, with the channel manager, Hotel staffs won’t have to think about filling up rooms in this fashion. Connecting to a large range of online booking platforms will guarantee that the occupancy is always consistent.

Ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Quality channel managers are simple to use, and hotels can use these systems with different staff members. If the primary user is going on vacation or may be unable to make changes, it will quickly note key dates in the system so that everyone is informed if they decide to change a rate or close a room.