Hotel Booking System




Display the available rooms and rates via your hotels website, social media and get bookings directly from your guests.

No commission fee



Integrate with Online prefered payment gateway of yours.

Why Clovatel hotel booking system ?

Clovatel booking system is a digital solution that allows prospective visitors to self-book and pay through the hotel website or other platforms, while also providing with the right tools to manage and scale the company. Clovatel will assist in doing more than passively accepting bookings and payments online. With the advanced reservation technology, it has advanced to the point that it can manage any part of your enterprise, from marketing to delivery to operations

some of the possibilities allows as follows:

  • Track the progress with real-time monitoring.
  • Use channel scheduling to avoid double bookings.
  • Maintain a record of the relationship commissions.
  • Assign inventory and personnel to specific tasks.
  • Gather information from the visitors when they arrive.
  • Develop a list of your daily expectations.

Benefits of an Clovatel Booking system

One of the most significant benefits of Clovatel booking system is that it can remain available for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this system visitors can learn more about the hotel without a brochure and eliminates the need for them to physically be at the hotel to make reservation. Guests can book their own day, anytime to their convenience and at their own pace.

Offers security

With the Clovatel cloud-based booking system, the hotel records would no longer be limited to a personal device. This is a much safer option to consider. The hotel will no longer need to worry about a hard drive failure or a computer virus wiping out the whole machine. An online booking software depends on highly secure servers to protect hard-earned profits. Everything will be more convenient and available online.

Cut down workload

With an Clovatel booking system, it can help to save time by automating routine tasks such as sending thank-you emails, generating cash-out files, and updating availability across all channels. With stuff working in thebackground, employees can concentrate on more important matters, such as your guests and maintaining a work-life balance.

Enhance Guest experience

Today’s guests demand immediate satisfaction, and they expect things to happen quickly in a matter of seconds as a result of smartphones. They will get annoyed if they have to wait on a slow-loading server, a crowded phone line, or a never-ending queue. From booking to check-out, reservation technology expedites the whole process. Guests will book, pay, and sign necessary documents in just a few minutes, and receive an immediate confirmation in their inbox. Check in would be as simple as a few clicks.

Staying organised

Clovatel booking system functions as a central hub. It holds all the company’s records, such as visitor information, revenue, waivers, forms, invoices, inventory, employees, partners, and more. Everything is logged in one place and all can be logged in to see a breakdown of regular bookings which visitors have yet to pay or sign, what inventory is open and so on.

Avoid cancellations and no-shows

When guests book online, with or without a deposit, they are more likely to be obligated to turn up. Most hotels have a deadline of 24 to 48 hours before check-in to allow guests ample time to decide if they wish to cancel or change their reservation for whatever reason. The hotel can also confirm with the guest and reschedule the booking to prevent cancellation and no-show fees, which is a win-win arrangement for both the guest and the hotel. Some bookings require prepayment when it is peak period and with this method of payment, guests do not have the option to cancel their reservations.

Find out how Clovatel hotel booking system work for you ?

Provides insight. A booking system keeps track of any reservation and the information associated with it, the hotel will be able to see which items generate the most revenue, better consider who your average guest is for targeting, and get a picture of your business’s trajectory. Analytics are both present and correct.

What Clovatel hotel booking system can do for your business ?

Connect software tools. Booking software able to allow supplementing the current systems that hotel already have in place. This in return provides a common integration and tools to help expand simplify the workflow

One-stop solution for streamlining all facets of a business’s activities on a centralized platform allowing for easy switching between multiple facilities.

Hoteliers can complete these processes and activities easily increasing efficiency and providing outstanding environment for guests.

This system provides reliable monitoring, an analysis of current stays and payments and cost management in order to create budgets.